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The UCHK network is well established in India and South East Asia with Australia Investment Finance from 1.75%. The reputation of UCHK has created a unique loyalty from thousands of wealthy individuals and families loacated in India, that often introduce their friends for expert real estate advice. As new clients are predominately introduced or become aware of the companys reputation for excellence, UCHK rarely advertises.

Australia Property Finance for Real Estate Investment is critical

Obtaining the best market mortgage rate and loan structure can save you thousands per year. The UCHK Consulting property loans 1.75% - 2.25% available for Australian investment properties. Offered privately by one of Australia’s leading banks, the offshore loan offer will undoubtedly be the biggest contributing factor to improving your Australian, real estate investment cash flow.

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Learn about the Managing Director of UCHK Consulting Ltd, his business acumen, entrepreneurship and decades of real estate experience and accolades.


When an overseas property investor wishes to enter the Australian real estate market, the enormous amount of options available can be confusing and impossible to navigate.

Australian real estate opportunities are hard to identify and whilst an experienced property investor from their home land has certain skills and a knowledge base, their native beliefs cannot be applied to the property investment market in Australia. The skill of real estate investment is unique, like a concert pianist or fine artist, not everyone has these abilities. It takes years of experience and the ‘Midas Touch’ (golden touch) of a seasoned property expert to identify an area that will have capital growth, narrow that down to a new development in that area then, select within that project only a handful of properties that will out perform adjoining properties in capital growth and rental returns.

UCHK is committed to the wealth creation of our clients. This means that every stage of the buying process is carefully mapped out in an efficient way. A team of consultants and experts in the fields of law, immigration, tax and every other relevant field, assist UCHK to maximise profitability for the client.

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There are many agents offering real estate however, there are very few real estate practitioners with market knowledge and a proven track record. Our international group provide the entire range of services, including migration, tax, legal, bank finance and property management.

Australia Real Estate Wealth Advice

It is the ambition of every UCHK consultant to deliver expert advice and market knowledge to assist our clients reach their Australia real estate, wealth creation goals. We guarantee to give you the best advice and consultation in the industry and, the opportunity to act on that information.

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Investing in Australia real estate rewarding for overseas investors. The Australian Government welcomes investment from overseas. It is the foundation to building the economy and a multi-cultural population. Overseas investment provides financial prosperity for all Australians.

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Property Services

Good rela estate is hard to identify and can change from suburb to suburb or street to street.

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1.75% Bank Loans

UCHK Consulting is offering a unique multi currency financing product for Australian investment properties.

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Real Estate Lawyer

UCHK's partner legal firm provides documentation evaluation, answers to questions and expert legal advice

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Australia Visa

Australian real estate investment often includes a child attending an university or a intention to emigrate.


Government Approved Investment

australia property investment

" The Australian Government welcomes foreign investment from overseas. It is the genesis to building Australia's economy by supporting population growth and financial prosperity for all Australians "

Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)

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" Applying for the correct visa is the path to Australian citizenship and a passport. The Australian Government encourages Indian nationals to apply for Australian citizenship when they become eligible "

Australia Citizenship Department

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Over 25 years we have earnt the respect from our clients and have built our customer base on recommendation and referrals.

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Regardless of your previous Australian real estate experience, current career path or education level, there is a position to suit everyone.

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